Data is power and it's time to use it for the social good.
This 48-hour datathon brings together people from different fields and experiences to work on the same challenges. It is an event where political science students can work side by side with programmers, journalists can work with economists, lawyers can work with designers and so on...
No previous experience with data analysis or computer science is necessary!

Deadline is 23 October 2017.

Why participate?

hands-on experience on solving problems with data analysis;
new skills and experience with interdisciplinary teamwork;
chance to network with people from different fields;
advice from experienced mentors;
cool prizes.

How does it work?

SIDH2017 brings together and mixes people from various fields and challenges to discover how to impact our society thought the use of data. You will be provided with some questions, and an opportunity to use data collected by the public sector and private companies, to solve these issues.
On Friday evening we will meet, form teams and choose questions to answer.
On Saturday we will work-work-work.
On Sunday we will show our results and congratulate the best teams.
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