• Taavi Unt

    Taavi Unt

    Institute of Mathematics and Statistics, UT
    Expert in R, Shiny & Statistics

  • Greete Palmiste

    Greete Palmiste

    Expert in journalism

  • Märten Veskimäe

    Märten Veskimäe

    Johan Skytte Institute of Political Studies, UT
    Expert in R, Shiny, D3.js & Stata

  • Lorenzo Gabrielli

    Lorenzo Gabrielli

    ISTI-CNR, Italy
    Expert in spatial & mobility analytics

  • Paolo Cintia

    Paolo Cintia

    ISTI-CNR, Italy
    Expert in Hadoop, mobility & sports analytics

  • Leonardo Nizzoli

    Leonardo Nizzoli

    IIT-CNR, Italy
    Expert in text mining & twitter analytics

  • Giles Greenway

    Giles Greenway

    King's College London, UK
    Expert in mobility analytics

  • Rajesh Sharma

    Rajesh Sharma

    Institute of Computer Science, UT
    Expert in social network analysis, Big Data & Python

  • Rene Tõnnisson

    Rene Tõnnisson

    Institute of Baltic Studies
    Expert in business models and fundraising

  • Taivo Pungas

    Taivo Pungas

    Starship Technologies
    Expert in visualization, machine learning, R and Python

  • Matteo Catena

    Matteo Catena

    Expert in information retrieval and green computing