Data is power. Companies use it to gain a competitive advantage and now it's time to use it for the social good.

This 48 hours long sprint-like event brings people from various fields together, challenges them to use data to discover how to impact our society. By the means of data analysis and machine learning, we can identify the problems, raise awareness, untangle myths and fallacies and even provide the solutions. If you think that you want to create social good, contribute with your skills and ideas and create a lasting impact on society, this is your change.

We invite you to take part in the Social Impact Data Hack - the hackathon where data and computer scientists, journalists, economists, students and all people who care join together.

Let’s have fun and muscle your skills for social good!


Participating in will give you the opportunity to get new insides and ideas for social good, hands-on experience on solving societal problems with data analysis and learn in a friendly and collaborative environment.

And of course, this is a fabulous opportunity to network with people from different fields.
Experienced mentors will help you make your project the best it can be!

How does it work?

  SIDH2017 is a datathon - 48 hours long event that brings people from various fields together, mixes them and challenges them to use data to discover how to impact our society and demonstrate the results.
People from different disciplines (data analysis, social studies, humanities, activists) come together and form teams.
Teams will choose problem/question and data to find answers. Start working on the project.
Each project will end in a blog post that contains problem introduction, results and more.


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